The North University Neighborhood Yahoo Group is a low-traffic area list open to all who reside in our community. Our neighborhood is bounded by 38th St. on the north, Duval/San Jacinto to the east, 27th on the south, and Guadalupe on the west.

One can subscribe to this list in a variety of ways. An e-mail to nuna-residents-subscribe@yahoogroups.com will start the process. The actual group site can be visited at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/nuna-residents/ or simply fill in the form below.

Subscribers to this list are required to either live in the North University Neighborhood or have a material interest in this neighborhood, such as actively participating in the operation of a business or a civic process here.

To protect the privacy and security of existing subscribers, new subscribers' identities are verified by requiring their full names and addresses before activation. Thanks!

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To go to the NUNA Neighborhood Association Website click HERE.